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Helpless On Popcorn 3



I just had some vhs and hi-8 tapes put on dvd by my camera store. I am trying to get them onto my imovie software on my Mac. I bought popcorn and after figuring out how to just get the program on my computer, want to convert the dvd to a file that imovie recognizes. I have been clicking on DVD Disc under the player heading for selected video source. i tried to transfer the file to a MPEG-4 file. It transfers to about 95% and then says there's an error. ??????


Please help!! I am by no means computer savvy, so spare no detail. Thanks!!

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I'm afraid I'm not going to make things sound too easy.


There may be something wrong with the disc or the video near the end of the video which caused the problem. I'm presuming you have plenty of hard drive space so it isn't an issue of running out of room to write the extracted video.


Try this: Drag the VIDEO_TS folder from the DVD to your hard drive. Does it copy completely? If not, there is a problem with the disc or the end of the video.


If it does copy completely then choose VIDEO_TS folders under the Player section of Popcorn and select the VIDEO_TS folder you copied to the hard drive. Click Edit if there is any specific part of the video you want extracted. Click the big button and choose MPEG-4.


Assuming this all gets completed there still can be a problem. The MPEG-4 video exported by Popcorn can be imported to iMovie HD but cannot be imported to the new iMovie that's part of iLife 08. If you have the new iMovie and not iMovie HD you can download the latter for free from Apple.


If you really want to use the new iMovie then you'll either need to make a small change to the Popcorn-created mp4 file with QuickTime Pro or you'll need to "share" it as a QuickTime movie from iMovie HD. Let me know if you want to do one of these and I'll explain.


There's yet another way to get the video from your DVD into Popcorn. Insert the DVD. Choose Video Files as the format in Popcorn. Choose DVD with the top button of the Popcorn Media Browser (a separate window). When you see something appear in the browser window double click on it. Now drag what you want to the main Popcorn window. When Popcorn finishes extracting the MPEG video from the DVD you can select it in Popcorn for conversion.

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