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Emc10 Mydvd Error When Opening. Shuts Down



When I attempt to open MYDVD10, I get to the MYDVD project menu (default) screen and then get this Microsoft message: "VideoWave 10 has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." (The rest of the window message is the usual MS Pls tell MS about the problem: send Error Report, etc. The error code:0xc0000005.


All the other applications in EMC10 seem to open and work fine.


This started happening after I went to Dell Tech support and we upgraded the video drive with a 2006 update (!). (that's what was on the Dell website) That was last night. Today, I called Dell Tech support and another techie did something better: he went to the ATI website and found a July 2008 video driver update. So I downloaded the most recent ATI driver. The problem is consistent. I can't open MYDVD. I keep getting this error message to shut down.


This all started because I'm experiencing dvd burning issues where the transitions are hanging up and keeping a black screen during play (and effectively blacking out a few of my photos as the transistions take too long.) My project ran fine in MYDVD preview mode. Today, Roxio tells me that certain drivers have difficulty handling the 3D transitions, e.g., Mosaic Medium, Ribbons, etc.


I have a Dell Optiplex desktop workstation, 2 GB Ram, XP Professional Operating System, and an ATI Radeon X1300Pro video card. The specs on the card match the system requirements (according to what's on the Roxio site for EMC10: 256MB RAM and DirectX9. Roxio told me to go into msconfig and shut off all services and startup services which I do. This yields well over 1.5GB of RAM; I shut down my internet connection too as I'm naked without my Norton Internet Protection also shut off. Roxio tells me I only need 512MB RAM to run this program.


BTW, I've had EMC 9 for one year on this same system and the projects and dvd burning has been fine. Now, even my EMC 9 (still loaded onto my system because Roxio said it was OK to have both systems loaded) gets the same error message when I attempt to open up MYDVD in EMC 9.


Very frustrating.


Tonight I spoke to another seemingly knowledgeable Dell Tech who is quite familar with EMC 7.5 - EMC10. He suggests that I should uninstall both EMC9 and EMC10 and use some Microsoft free utility to ensure that my registry is totally clear before installing (Only) EMC10.


Anyone got some thoughts? Seen this? And does anyone know where to get this Microsoft utility?






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