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Can Toast Encode Using Cbr (constant Bit Rate)?

Ian R. Brown


Most of my projects are well under an hour ......... usually below 30 minutes.


I prefer to encode my videos using a Constant Bit Rate of around 7.7Mbps which I find gives the highest quality and the fastest encoding times. (I have previously used Compressor 3.0.3 in Final Cut Studio 2).


However, Toast appears to provide only Variable Bit Rate encoding, and it is not stated whether it is One Pass or Two Pass.


Which of these methods is it, and is it possible to set Toast to encode in CBR mode ?



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Toast is VBR. However, you can set the minimum and average bit rate high so there isn't much that is variable. Turn on Half-Pel for best-quality which essentially doubles the encoding time.


Apparently you no longer have access to Compressor. You might look into BitVice.

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