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Copy Write Error



I've been able to use this program to copy DvDs before, but today for some unknown reason it is unable to write to the disc.


I get this error message after it begins writing to the disc:


There was an error writing to disc.


Sense: 00 ASC: 00 ASCQ: 00 (Command 00)










It lets me copy disc images just fine, but when I try to burn them onto a new disc, this happens. I don't think it's my burner because I was able to use MyDvD to create a working DvD just fine. This error only shows up when I try to COPY a disc.

I've allready run the update for Px twice, and I've installed the latest version of my graphics card and dvd burner drivers. Does anyone have any other ideas?

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If you are able to create a new DVD, it's possible what is happening here is the source is faulty - can you copy the contents of the disc to the hard drive?


Also, what is it you are trying to copy? I presume you are aware that commercial movie DVDs are copy protected and you will get an error if you try

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The source is able to copy to the hard drive, it just won't re-copy to a blank DvD. It's really strange. The source DvD is a home-made movie I took using my video camera, then recorded it onto a DvD using my DvD recorder and a VHS player, so it's not copywritten or encrypted or anything, it's not commercial. This is annoying me, I'm going to download the free trial for Nero and see if it will copy, instead. If that does work, it's clearly the software, if it doesn't I'm going to get my hardware checked out.

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a glitch in the recording can also cause problems . Media Player is a lot more forgiving og bad spots on playback than making a DVD.


It's quite common for a production to stop at a certain point with an error - and in the end there has been found to be a problem with that point in the original recording

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