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Problem With Microsoft Cd Writing Wizard


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I have a problem with MS CD Writing Wizard with Windows XP, SP2.


When I try to burn a CD with the option "Automatically eject the CD after writing"

the wizard burns the CD and ejects it. Then, when I try to add some new files

to the CD and burn it again, the wizard doesn't recognizes the disc (after

inserting). Then I need to login again to make the wizard see my CD and

burn the files.


When I turn off that option - everything is all right - even if I manually

pull out the CD and put it again, the wizard recognizes the CD and

burns the files properly.


What can cause this problem ?




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Is this a problem with a Roxio program? If so, we will need a lot more details (what it is you're doing, which program in which suite and how you are doing it)


If it's the built in session writing in XP, that's a Microsoft issue and you would be better checking their knowledge base

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