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Creating Main Menu : Option Not Available ?






I just bought the software DVD Copy 4 and I've read the manual and I'm trying to do a video compilation and I'm supposed to have access to the option of creating a main menu when I choose either the DVD ou DIVX output and I don't have that option! I see it written when I click on options , I see the box "creating main menu" but I don't have the choice to check it ???! What gives ??? It's suppose to work!


Does somebody know if I'm doing something wrong ??


I already regret buying it , dont't think that I'm ever going to buy anything from Roxio again.... :(




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I'm using a video in dixv format , following everything they say , I tried to check some things , uncheck others but the real problem stays which is the "main menu" box is not even available with the default settings and when I read the guide and everything it's supposed to be... I tried changing the output like I wanna save it as a file instead of burning it right away on the dvd but it's the same thing , the main menu box is still unavailable for checking...


Any other idea ? Am I suppose to do something at the beginning and I didn't ???




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Firenhancer, can you help me? Is DVD Copy 4 anything like C&C 3? If it is, perhaps I can help MarieJo.





Yeh it is similar to C&C 3 but uses VCC off EMC10.


Marie - We understand the frustration at the same time the same option works fine for me. Just wondering if you can provide more details on what happened when burning without menus?

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