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Access To The Message Board Not Working On My Other Computer



This is a weird one. I bought Simple Star's Photoshow program (thought it would be fun to have some variety), well...what a mistake! It messed up my computer so bad I had to send it in to HP to be repaired. I have been spending the last couple of days deleting all the crap they put back on my computer when they fixed my computer, and have been reinstalling all my programs.


Now, I can't access the Roxio message board from my computer! (I am on my other laptop right now.) I don't know what I would do without this board because of all the information. This board just helped me with a CD Key issue I was dealing with.


Anyway...do any of you have any idea why my HP can't access the Roxio Boards?



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Hi Pam,


I had a period where I couldn't login to the boards with Internet Explorer, but had no problems with Firefox. As from a few days ago I can get back in with either browser.


Are you failing to access the boards at all [as a guest?], or just unable to log in?





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What happens after you click this button?



I have no idea what happened but now I can log in! I had to uninstall my anti virus program, now it is back installed and here I am on my HP! Sometimes you just have to wait and the problem will fix itself I guess. Thanks for your responses.

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