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Low Volume Playback After Radio Capture



It seems like Vista makes everything 10 times more difficult.

After finally finding the Easy Audio Capture in the gadgets, then spending another 2 days finding which "capture from", I finally found one that captures some sound from internet radio.

My Gateway GM 5472 desktop came with the I believe the soundcard Realtek HD. The choice "Line in at rear panel Blue Realtek HD Audio" does give me sound.

When I playback in sound editor or others, I barely faintly hear it when cranked up. Are there any controls I need to change? I have tried the speaker volume controls for Realtek, and changing volumes under the Control Panel in Vista, but without change.


The other options in EAC to capture from are Line in Aux (Realtek HD, Line (LitexMedia Virtual Audio Cable)- but I get an error; Speakers (Litexmedia Virtual Audio Cable)- but I get an error; and Analog Audio in (AVerMedia M791 PCIeCombo NTSC/AT). The speaker and Lines have choices with numbers 2-7 for each of them- so about 18 total choices. None of them get enough sound to make the speaker wave bars move before or during recording.


Thanks for any help in advance.

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First of I agree with you about Vista.Microsoft sure didn't make it any easier to use sound.

Many people have had troubles capturing sound in Vista.What it really boils down to is if your sound device provides an output that will work.The first thing to do is make sure you have the latest drivers available for your sound device installed.


Next we need to make sure that all the available options are available to use.Do this.Go to the Control Panel,Hardware and Sound,Sound and open the Recording tab.On any of the devices already showing,right click.Now make sure there is a check mark next to Show Disabled Devices and Show Disabled Devices.Hit ok and see if any new devices show up.If any do,right clcik them and hit Enable.


After you do that go back and see if you get any new choices in the dropdown list in Easy Audio Capture.If you do try them.


As far as your existing choices I don't think you should get anything from Line in or Aux in unless you have something plugged into them on the back of your machine.My best guess would be you might be able to use Speakers as I would equte that to Sound Blaster's "What you Hear" option.You say you get an error when you try and use it.What is the error?


I don't use this chipset so I can't speak from first hand experience though.Maybe some one that has it can help.

It may end up that you won't be able to capture with this particular configuration.It wouldn't be the first time that Vista worked it's magic.

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