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Looking To Upgrade



I have PhotoShow 4.5 & I think I've about got it figured out. When I went to PhotoShow.com to see the changes that were made last week & the choices are awesome! I understand that since I've got 4.5, though, when I edit a show at .com, it won't send it back to me since I've got 4.5 on my system. Sooo, if I want to burn it on a DVD I'd need to upgrade, right? I'd love to upgrade but am afraid the upgrade will mess up the shows I've already done. What do you think?


I've seen where the upgrade is $29.99, however, on this page - http://www.simplestar.com/software/gallery?days=99 - it shows it at $24.99. Needless to say, I'd like the less expensive price. Do you think Roxio would honor that price?

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Geez, I've never had to work so hard to spend $$$. This morning I placed the order, got an order number but no download link/information. The guy I spoke to said he couldn't authorize the $24.99 price but could give me a 10% discount. When I didn't recieve a download link, I contacted the chat line & they said I should call Digital River. So I called Digital River & gave her the order number. I also mentioned the URL that shows $24.99 & they don't have anything to do with that page, she said. I should contact SimpleStar, however, on the URL listed it shows Roxio, formerly SimpleStar. She said I should replace the order but then I won't get a discount or the price of $24.99 as shown.

I also rec'd a "help ticket" answer this morning but I have no idea what they are - answering - as I've not submitted one.

Help, please.

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