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Error: "mydvd Can Not Load A Project With Missing Files"



I can not open a project that I recently worked on due to the error "MyDVD can not load a project with missing files". I have one other project saved in the same directory that opens fine and has the same type of files and subfolders as the one I am trying to open. Which files could be missing? Please help, I do not want to lose all the work I did.

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Which files could be missing?

There is a way to find out which files your project uses, but you have to do a bit of work.


You can open Microsoft's WordPad and find the folder where the .dmsd project file is located. Change the type of file WordPad will display to all files and open the .dmsd file in Wordpad.


Then do a search for the word filename. Near the word 'filename' you'll find which files the program is using. You'll have to FindNext to find all the files.


If you find one that you've moved or deleted, you'll have to put it back in the correct folder.


However, if you haven't moved or deleted any of the original files, you might be getting a false message and the project might be corrupt.


A not for the future: Use two copies of the project file and do a File/ Save and File/ Save as.... occasionally to alternate between two project files. I do that in case I make a major mistake and want to revert to the last save. It also helps protect against a corrupt file which can happen if the computer or programs shuts down unexpectedly.

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You haven't by chance moved some of the files in the project have you?Even from a sub folder to another in a main folder would do it.Once you make a project the files have to remain in the exact same spot or the project won't find them the next time it's opened.

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