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Pcs To Have Vista Capable Stickers

The Highlander

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PCs to have Vista Capable Stickers



The announcement of a delay in the availability of the Windows Vista home edition might have deterred many...


But to their relief - if it can be called as such, Microsoft is coming up with new "Windows Vista Capable" stickers for PCs in anticipation of the release of the 50 million lines of Vista code to business users (end-2006) and consumers (probably beginning-2007).


According to sources, a PC can get the sticker only if it has a "modern" CPU; is able to run - to competently run Windows XP, 512MB of RAM, a DirectX 9-class graphics processor, and optionally support Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) so as to take advantage of Vista' s improved graphics.


The Windows Vista Capable program is intended to be used as a way to attract more customers into allowing Microsoft to perform an early upgrade to the existing operating system.


The Vista Capable designation, does not promise that a PC will provide a great Vista experience, or it will support all Vista features; however it does say that the PC will be able to run Windows Vista Home Basic adequately.


Meanwhile, Microsoft is only intending to use the Windows Vista Capable program to inform its customers that a PC currently running Windows XP can be upgraded to Windows Vista in the future.


If a customer sees the "Designed for Windows XP - Windows Vista Capable" logo, then he knows that he can purchase that PC and safely upgrade to some version of Vista in the future.


Joe Wilcox, analyst, Jupiter Research, stresses the importance for customers to distinguish between PCs "capable" of running Vista and those that are actually "ready" to do so.


Wilcox points out that a system running Windows Vista may not be capable of using all of its features. Wilcox explains that a machine branded "Windows Vista Capable" that is a high-end Media Center PC with superior graphics capabilities will be ready for even the most feature-intensive versions of Vista. But if it's a low-cost PC that has a "Capable" sticker on it, Wilcox warns that the PC will probably run the features of Home Basic but not anything else.


Furthermore, Microsoft has said that it will provide more information on the hardware requirements for full versions of Vista "in the coming months".

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I know this is in poor taste but I guess soon women who can get pregnant will be wearing a tatoo on their forheads stating 'Baby Capable". :)

But you'll have to acquire a DRM license before you can run one of them. :huh:

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