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Mydvd Hangs - Emc 10.1



I have been able to dupliciate a set of things that causes MyDVD to hang. I'm running on a HP machine running Windows Vista Home Premium (64 bit). I've got a NVidia GeForce 9500 GS graphics card. The graphics card, DirectX, and audio drivers are the latest available.

The steps I took:

1. Create new MyDVD project "Waterfall" menu style

2. Added a submenu.

3. Changed the button style to "Corkboard Chapter".

4. Proceded to add a second submenu on the top level menu when I got the error.


Does this sequence cause a problem with anyone else? Or is there something else going on


I changed the rendering option to "Software Rendering".




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Works fine for me using WinXP Media Center, but we have seen some change issues like this with Vista and especially the 64bit version.

Thanks for confirming - not sure what to do now - highly frustrating process. Not sure if it will be determined in a timely manner if it's the OS platform, a Roxio issue, driver problem or combination of any/all. I may have the latest drivers, but it doesn't mean they meet the spec.

Have you heard of any other video editors "out there" that have better sucess with Windows Vista (64 bit)?


By the way, the re-post I submitted (per your suggestion) was pulled - I changed it from the original post. Sorry I hadn't noticed the time stamp was old - saw the message after I noticed the new version of the posting had disappeared.

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