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"not Enough Free Space On Disc"



I've been attempting to burn a 6.11 GB VIDEO_TS file to a dual layered DVD-R (9.4 GB) using Toast 7.1.3. I have no problem burning files on a single layered disc that are the appropriate size, but every single time I try to burn using the dual layered disc the same message comes up: "There’s not enough free space on this disc: 3206064 are needed, 6.11GB are available". I realize this message has been talked about several times on this forum but I'm not sure the problem was ever solved.


Before you mention anything about disc, disk, or converted items file, you should know that the message most definitely says "disc", I have a hard drive with 60 GBs available, and I even tried moving the converted items folder to an external drive with 400 GB of space available. The same message always comes up.


I did look up disc info in the Toast program and notice that it said I was using a single layered disc. Perhaps it has something to do with the disc I'm using. All it says on the package is double sided DVD-R and it is COMP-USA brand. The recorder I am using is a dual layer Lacie external drive.


I'm not very good with computers or technology in general, so I would really appreciate some help on this matter. I am working on a special project for my anniversary. Please help me out.

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Double-sided is not the same a dual-layer (which is one-sided). Toast doesn't know you intend to use a DL disc until one is inserted in the drive and recognized by Toast. I highly recommend getting Verbatim DVD+R DL media because that is the standard that drive manufacturers used in fine-tuning their drive's firmware.


If yours is an older Mac it might not have a drive that allows burning to DL media. This can be checked in System Profiler by choosing the Disc Burning item and looking if DL media is supported.

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