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Convert .rxs To .wma


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Hi :

First of all, after reading a thousand plus questions in this Roxio 6 forum, I understand the following:

1º You guys don’t do windows. 2nd. You are not Roxio employees, and 3rd. “you are just a bunch of users like myself trying to help each other,” thank you. With this in mind, please bear with me and hopefully you can help me. I am not a teckie, so teckie lingo sends me to Hades.

I have stacks and stacks of LP’s and cassettes collected over thirty years of travelling overseas for work. Several years ago I decided that before my grandkids started using the LP’s as frisbees I wanted to preserve this music in digital format. I bought Roxio version 6 and immediately became enamored with it, very very user friendly.

All I need and want is a system that can convert from analog to digital and then to convert the rxs format to wma, a bare bones system that do that is what I want. Of course I also want to read CD’s and put them into the Data Base. Do not need any other feature in the program. After more than 15,000 conversions from .rxs to .wma the software decided that it doesn’t want to convert anymore. Why? I still can record from analog to digital but if I cannot convert the rxs format, what good is that? And I still have easily another 6 to 8 thousands songs to go.

I know that this product has been out of production for at least four years and no company can be expected to support a product indefinitely. There is no money there. I think I must have changed some parameters, but as much as I have looked, with my limited technical knowledge, I have not been able to correct it. I have reinstalled it several times, to no avail. Any ideas? Thanks a lot.

PS. You may see me in another forum (Music Lab 10), I have been taken there, kicking and screaming, but I don’t like it. Not as user friendly as ver. 6 and too many bells and whistles that I do need. Ciao



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1. .rxs files are Audiocentral files and not really standard audio file.

2. RNML will help you capture your Vinyls and convert to WMA or any desired format.

3. As far as .rxs file is concerned, you will need to use ECDC6 to export all the tracks to desired format which none of the Roxio apps will be able to convert.

4. If you can elaborate on what actually happens when trying to convert to desired format?

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My apologies if you receive this post twice. Yesterday I sent you a reply to your questions but I had the feeling that it was not sent properly and today I cannot even see my own posting I think it was not sent at all.


Firenhancer and Lynn:

Thank you guys for your replies. I am going to try to answer your questions to the best of my capabilities:

(a parenthesis first. In the last paragraph of my original question, referring to Music Lab 10, I meant to say “too many bells and whistles that I do NOT need” I left out the NOT, but I guess you two figured that out.)

Back to ver. 6. In order not to make my narrative like a long novel, I left certain things out of it, that you may need to know to understand my problem better.

A) I have my music in a 400GB external hard drive. Close to 20k songs in .wma format and not even 25% of it used.

B) Out of the 20K songs I think I only have about 100 in .rxs format, so no big deal if I have to re-record them, but I do not want to add more .rxs songs if I cannot convert them.

C) About a month ago, reluctantly I decided to purchase Music Lab 10, but not willing to risk incompatibility between ver. 6 and ver. 10 I decided to remove ver. 6, thru the Windows add/remove program. That sort of crashed my system The two optical drives disappeared from the system. Took the system to a technician and he said that the only way to fix it was to delete everything from the hard drive, including windows XP (home).

D) When I got my PC back with only Windows XP on it and started installing all the programs I have, I decided to put on the PC the Music Lab 10, and install ver. 6 in the laptop (w/ Windows XP Professional). That’s where they are now.

Firenhancer: you say that, 2): RNML will help me capture my vinyls (and tapes?) and convert to .wma. What is RNML? A bare bones program? If so where can I get it, or who sells it? Maybe that is what I need. And 4): When I try to convert a song from .rxs to .wma the conversion screen comes up, I change the name of the song, or not, and press SAVE. The Save screen comes up but instantly disappears, without converting, of course. Occasionally it seems that I get lucky and from an album of 10-12 songs I convert 2 or 3 and the it goes back to refusing to convert.

Lynn: Not been a technical person myself, I have the system enabled to update Windows automatically whenever updates are available. I checked and I have Windows Media Player version

That’s where I am now. As I mentioned in my first post, on my PC I have installed ver. 10 and not too happy about it, yet. But that’s another dollar.

Muchas gracias.


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1. RNML = Record Now Music Lab :). Sorry for the short form. Check this out

2. Try using Sound Editor to convert to desired format and see if you are experiencing similar behaviour. If not, it is likely there could be a corruption in some files that you will need to simply re-capture




Thanks again for your help.


More and more I am beginning to think that I have to say good bye to my beloved version 6. It gave me an excellent service for about five to six years, but now it seems that all I can say is "good bye my love, sad to see you go."


Now I am going to move to another forum, RNML version 10. You probably will see me there, but before I loose your contact, if I do, for what I want (just converting music from analog to digital into .wma format to put in my hard drive and from there, some of it into my Zune, to listening in my relaxing time), what is the difference between RNML ver. 10 versus RNML ver. 10 PREMIER? As mentioned in my previous posts, RNML 10 (not the Premier version) is what I have installed in my PC (ver. 6 is in my LapTop)


Maybe in the other forum, If I can solve some issues, out of necessity, I'll begin to like it.




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