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Slideshow Playback Issue



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When I preview the slideshow or when viewing the slideshow on a burned DVD, the slideshow starts on image 3 or 4 instead of on the first image. Is there any way to correct this issue?

Using MyDVD 9


If it starts at the 3rd or 4th image, even in preview, there is something not right with the first images. Try deleting those from your production, and preview again to see if it skips the first few images, of the edited production.


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I also experienced the same problem as yours. Try doing this:

While in videowave, output your slideshow to a video file. A pop-up window opens where you can select the destination as video file, purpose (i usually select: all), and on the video quality, MPEG-2 for DVD, best quality (selecting the option of DV format AVI is OK only that the movie file created consumes a lot of disk space, besides, MPEG-2 is okay). Type the filename, then you're on the road to completing the slideshow by selecting the "button "create video file." Also, while rendering, you can check which photo/s didn't make it. Based on my experience, the slideshow created did not miss any photo. Once done, open MyDVD 9 program and add your slideshow, now an mpeg2 movie file. Just remember that photos taken using digicams or scanned pics usually have dimensions beyond 740 x 480 which is the maximum default encode setting for video/photo of MyDvd9.

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