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cannot eject CD



Without the full text of the message, "ED 56" is meaningless.


If all of your burning is giving you problems, I would be looking at media or burner…

I cannot get my computer to eject the disc.. I tried to burn my first disc 4 hours ago and cannot get the disc to eject..

What is the problem with this disc burning software?

There are no clear instructions that came with this easy CD & DVD burning software.

When I try to eject the disc I get a error note saying the recorder is busy. try again later.

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The Easy CD & DVD Burning package is a subset of EMC 9. A manual in PDF for EMC 9 is available for download here. It might help you for the parts of EMC 9 that you have in Easy CD and DVD Burning, as long as you remember you don't have all the software covered by the manual.



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