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Burning Multiple Copies



I have been having the same problem with trying to burn multiple copies of my kids games. Everyone wants a copy, but if the game is 40 minutes long it takes me almost two hours to burn and render every copy. I am using the Roxio MyDVD 9 and have a Super DVDx18 burner and use Windows XP.


I understand from the other post that I can save the file as an ISO image file, but I have a couple of questions about that. Is the quality the same or at least very close and if I burn the ISO file to a DVD can it be viewed on a regular DVD player like the ones I create through the regular burn process? This would help me greatly. Also, about how long would I expect it to take to burn the ISO file?


Should I just upgrade to the MyDVD 10 and would that make it easier for me?



Thank you so very much for any help,



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Hello Gina,


An .ISO file is an image of the disc that you would otherwise write, so when it's finally written to disc the disc is exactly the same as you would have got if you wrote it directly. That is, same quality and same ability to play on a player.


The handy thing about making an ISO is it will be created as fast as your system can go, and it's not slowed down by writing or verifying, and you can then make numerous copies by repeatedly burning it to disc. The actual burning to disc depends on the speed you're burning at. At 4x speed I'd expect a full 4.3GB DVD to take about 15 minutes to burn. At 8x, a little short of 9 minutes, and at 16x just under 6 minutes. You might add up to 10 minutes to that if you're verifying the disc afterwards.


An even better thing about an ISO if you're needing multiple copies, if you have two burners and Creator Classic you can burn to both burners simultaneously - two copies of the same disc at once.




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