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First Run Crashed Computer Videowave.



Well I read all the reviews and it seems either creator 10 works or is a complete disaster.


Complete disaster.


First run of videowave 10 “ Videowave has detected a fault and needs to close.” Shuts machine down and on reboot there are no graphics, just flashing on my monitor.


Googled the problem and it seems this is not a one off problem. Its seems too much of a coincidence that the graphics should pack up on a newish machine the first time I run videowave.


Any suggestions as I have a useless computer.


Does this mean i have to pull my comp to bits and check monitor leads graphics card spend money.>>


Any suggestions would be helpful.

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You could try pressing F8 as the machine is booting, to see if you can go back to the last known good settings, or bring it up in safe mode.


Or try booting on a floppy disk or Windows CD to make sure that you don't have a hardware problem - that way you can check without having to pop the lid.



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Can you do this or is there no video at all:


Start > Settings > Control Panel >Dbl Click Adm. Tools> Double Click Comp. Mgt> Device Manager; What happens when go right click properties on items under "Display Adapters".


If you can't do this, try Safe Mode as Brendon suggests.


Also, did your pc allow you to make recovery discs in case of problems?

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