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Data Cd Background Doesn't Show Up



I just burned a Mac/PC CD with a few files and wanted to include a background on it. According to the manual, I had everything set up correctly, but when I mounted the freshly burned CD, the window does not have any background except for the standard Mac OS white one.


Here's what I had set up for the More Options:



I have tried jpegs and tiffs, and nothing seems to work. Is this feature just not workable?


I'm happy to try any suggestions.


Thank you.

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Just wondering if you are trying to read the disc on the Mac that created it or a different Mac? Try creating disc image file and mount the image with Toast mounter. You should be able to see 2 different mounted discs representing a Mac and a PC. Verify if the disc for Mac is experiencing the same issue. Also ensure you are using the most updated version of Toast i.e. 9.0.2

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