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Making A Bootable Cd



I wish I understood the masses that I have read about making bootable cd's. I have been unable to get past my difficulty in understanding what appear to be very basic relationships. Would someone please relieve my ignorance before it gets the better of me?


Suppose I want to copy a bootable cd.


1. If I add the files on the bootable cd to a data disc burning project, and then burn the cd, am I right in thinking that the cd will not be bootable?


2. If I make a .iso, .gi, .udi or .c2d image of the cd, and then burn the image to a cd, will the resultant copy cd be bootable?


3. If I make a .iso, .gi, .udi or .c2d image of the bootable cd, and make a data disc project by selecting 'make bootable', and then selecting the .iso, .gi, .udi or .c2d image as the bootable image, and then burn that to a clean cd, will the resultant cd be bootable?


4. If the answer to 3 above is 'yes', why when browsing for the bootable image does RecordNow look only for files that have the following extensions: .img, .bin, & .ima; but not for files having these extensions: .iso, .gi, .udi or .c2d; and what is the purpose of having this means of making bootable copies in addition to burning .iso, .gi, .udi or .c2d images?


5. If the answer to 3 above is 'no', how can I make a bootable copy of a bootable cd?


6. So far as I can tell, the help file refers to making bootable cd's from bootable images, but does not refer to making bootable images. How can one make a bootable image, if not by making a .iso, .gi, .udi or .c2d image of a bootable cd? And how can one make .img, .bin, & .ima files.


7. In what sense, if any, is a bootable image bootable beyond being an image from which a bootable cd may be produced?

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1. Yes. The resultant CD will not be bootable.

2. Yes. Preferebly using .ISO

3. No. You cannot select .ISO as a Bootable Image file which normally are either .IMG, .BIN or .IMA (floppy)

4. .ISO images are more like complete Disc image in ISO9660 format vs IMG/BIN are more used for original Boot images like something from MS.

5. There is a slight difference in making a bootable image and creating a bootable image. A google search should help clarify that. In other words, you can burn identical copy of a disc regardless it being bootable or not if saved as .ISO. However, when used for bootable reasons, a IMG/BIN is required.

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