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Help With Editing Controls



I tried to follow the editing instructions in the manual


To trim or edit portions of video:

1 Select a video and click Edit or double-click on any video.

2 Click the Video tab.

3. In the preview window, set the area to trim by manipulating the Trim

markers, which are small triangles at the start and end of the blue bar

below the video:


FIRST PROBLEM--> there is only one marker. I have to click the button in the center to see them. After that, I see 3 markers TOP of bar--> 1

BOTTOM of bar 2


Drag the start marker to the right to mark the beginning of the video.


I can drag the right most marker to the right. That would SEEM to be the end of the video... (Right is end, Left is beginning, ,no?)


The video between the start and end marker (the lighter blue) is

included on the finished disc at recording time. The area outside of the

markers (the darker blue) is excluded from the finished disc.


Before I move the markers I see the total duration is 2 hours 11 minutes on the left under CHAPTER MARKERS


If I slide the right most marker, I see that I get small numbers. So let's say I move a bit and I get a total of

5.15 secs. The amount under chapter markers now says 2 hours 6 minutes



If I move the left marker, it seems to show a later starting point.


The point between the markers is green. So I am confused


It is only after I click the marker on the top that I see a lighter blue. They do not mention any of this stuff. I have wasted 3 DVDs as a result.



I think the instructions are unclear.


And all support do is send me the same file.


I think they need to be more systematic in their explanation.






If I say I eant to put only the final 3 minutes of the video,I move the bars all the way to the right and have only the last few minutes selected


I see those figures when I click on the ind bars, but the total duration on the left under CHAPTER MARKERS is wierd.


If I move the left marker left it shows a shorter duration. I would think based on their description that the more space bewteen the markers, the longer the duration. Example, left marker on 0 and right on 15. Total shows 1 55


Now left marker same and right marker at 1 45 and total duration numbers are 25.


Now left is at 0 and right is at 2 11 and I click and all light blue, and total duration shows 0.


Should n't it be that if I move onemarker all the way leftand the other all the way right, then allis in light blue so all should be included?


What am I missing?



Totally confused.




I also note that not I get opposite results if I move the right bar to the right and the left to the left (green area is large, which becomes light blue if I click TOP marker). But also that the total duration when wide area is selected shows large number just above the bar but small number at left. So 2 hours 4 mins when i have large green area, but DURAATION 7 minutes over on the left.



PLUS, if I click the top marker I can get multiple left and right markers.


All totally confusing!


Can anyone help explain the difference between the help explanation and what I am experiencing?


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