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Toast 8.0.4 Open Disc Problem - Can't Find "song.aif" File

chris MTZ



Use Toast8 to burn mix CDs. When going back to open disc of previously successfully burned CD projects I get message

saying that Toast can find the AIF file for a particular track. And it asks if I wish to search for it.


I don't know where to look. The tracks in question are all MP3 and were previously saved to a Toast Disc and were burned successfully.


Any help appreciated.


Chris MTZ

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You will need to re-import that track from a disc because the one Toast is pointing to is gone. When you Save a project in one of the Toast windows the only thing that is saved is what you see in the Toast window and where those items are pointing (just like aliases). The actual files they are pointing at aren't automatically saved.


When Toast imports tracks from an audio CD it writes the files to a temporary invisible location which is erased when Toast quits. The only way to save the actual audio CD import tracks is to choose Save as Disc Image which is like creating the audio CD with all the adjustments made in Toast to your hard drive.


When you do choose Save as Disc Image in the audio CD window Toast creates a .sd2f audio file. Dragging that file back into the audio window re-creates everything just as it was when you saved it. Incidentally, an .sd2f file can be imported to iTunes as a single audio track. This is handy to remember if you ever want to join multiple tracks from an audio CD into a single track for playing in iTunes.


If your source files were MP3 or other tracks on your hard drive, reopening a save Toast project file (a .disc file) in Toast will continue to point to those tracks as long as they aren't moved, renamed or have had any of their containing folders renamed (just like an alias).

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