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Can't Switch "recording" Drive



I can't burn cds because there isn't enough space on my C drive for the "image" of the CD to be written. I went to Properties and the Recording tab, and switched the "Select a drive where Windows can store an "image" of the CD to be written" box to my D drive, which is my second hardrive and has more than enough space. Still, when I try to burn it, it tries to store the image in the C drive. I go back to double check and it still has it set to the D drive.


Does anyone know what's going on?

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How are you trying to burn CDs? Using what application software?



I just put the CD in the drive, E, and the CD writing wizard takes over from there. All it tells me is that it is a Roxio product.


Edit: Actually when I click the Roxio link, it brings Easy Media Creator 10 Suite up on its website, I'll redirect my query to that forum area.

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