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Error Message



Does anybody know why I am getting the error message:



SENSE CODE = 0x3, 0x01

I am getting this message every time I try burning a backup DVD. I never had a problem before and then suddenly it started after successfully burning a DVD and then the exact same burning process was unsuccessfull. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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Can you copy CD's or DVD's? It sounds like the problem might be specific to DVD burning. I guess one thing you can start with is to see if there are any firmware updates available for the drive.

Thanks for the advice. I think the problem came down to the media. I am now using Ridata DVD-RW's & Ridata DVD-R's. I haven't had a problem since.



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Yep, media. I never quit being amazed at the various problems that media can cause. Eventually CD media got to the point where you could by garbage and it still worked 99.9% of the time, but DVD burning, no way. Must be the higher capacity of the disc. For HD DVD or Blue Ray, get ready to take out a 2nd mortagage so you can afford only top of the line media.

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Generally that means that your drive has a problem. You might want to try some other media, but it really sounds like the drive is not working properly.

I can successfully use Toast's "Copy" succussfully, so I assume the drive is fine. If not, is there a way of testing to find out if it is in fact the drive's fault? I have a new iMac G5 with a Mitshita UJ-846 dual layer burner.

Thanks for any suggestions

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