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Emc10 Assembling Production Hang-up



I am dealing with two computers which have Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite 10 installed. Each system has an

individually purchased installation disc with their own CD Key Numbers. I have also downloaded and

installed the most current version from the Roxio site, Version 10.1.226, on each machine.


I have attempted to create a basic slideshow with this program on each system, with no more than 10

pictures in the slideshow.


On my system, the slideshow is created with no problem.


However, on the other system, which belongs to a friend, when I attempt to preview, save or copy the slideshow

to disc, I get a window reporting "Assembling Production - 0% Complete", which will just sit there, hung-up, for

as long as I care to wait. We're talking almost an hour here before I aborted it.


I have monitored my friends' system for all System Requirements for Roxio Easy Media Creator 10. I questioned

Roxio support on whether the system, which has a 2.53 gigahertz Intel Celeron processor, could handle this

program. They wrote back that "Celeron processors can run all IA-32 programs, but their performance is

somewhat lower when compared to similar, but higher priced, Intel CPU brands". All other system requirements

have been met. I have also insured that the system is free of malware.


What can I do to get by this "Assembling Production - 0% Complete" hang-up???


If this cannot be remedied, are there any previous versions of this program that will create slideshows??


I recommended Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite 10 to her for doing slideshows, as it works fine for me.


Thanks very much for your assistance.



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Thanks again for your reply, Jim. I finally got access to her computer again, and followed your Clean Install Procedure.


As I mentioned, there was some Roxio/Sonic software on her computer that was installed by Dell. By following your procedure, all is well, and the slideshow works just fine.


Again, thanks for your time and suggestion.



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Thanks for replying, Jim. I'll follow those instructions the next time I have access to her computer.


It seems rather funny, though, that her computer requires a "clean" installation. I have had several prior versions of EMC on my system, and the current install is running just fine. However, this is the first time any version of EMC has been installed on her system. I'm assuming that there must have been some Roxio software installed on her system when she purchased it from Dell that's causing this problem.


I'll let you know how this works.



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