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Those Annoying Hidden Desktop Files



On a data CD, I always get those two hidden files Desktop DB and Desktop DF.


Is there any way to NOT include those? Granted they are typically hidden, but I hate getting calls from Windows users who have hidden files enabled asking what they are.


Is there any way at all to not get them on a burn?

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Hmm, could be I spoke too soon. The file list in Toast shows the two files, yet the CD, when viewed in Windows, does not, when viewing hidden and system files. I made the CD with "Mac or PC" setting. In versions before Toast 7, Windows users could see them.


Howver, I'd still like to know more about it. My Mac has Classic on it, and I'm wondering if these two files are created due to Classic? My new Mac is arriving tomorrow, and I might try it sans Classic, as I movae my apps over.

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