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Best Format For Archiving Productions



I'm starting to clear out my hard drive of productions I have made to make some room.


I typically create .iso images, and then burn those images onto dvds. For purposes of archiving these productions on DVDs "just in case" the disc w/ the production I made fails, should I archive the .iso file or simply a copy of the disc w/ the production that I can pop into a dvd player? Does it make a difference?


Thanks for any input / insight!

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My worthless 2 cents is, if it's that important to you, keep a few copies. DVD's won't last as long as people have been told. Hard drives are cheap and you can get OEM drives, add an external case and build your own portable cheaply. Then, besides the backup dvd or 2, back it up onto the portable drive.

As far as the dvd is concerned, the iso copy should be just fine.

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