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Roxio - This One Is For You





To: Roxio Support, Developement, Quality Control, Testing and Executives


I wonder why the support in Roxio doesn't work. Well, for me it's not working. And as I read in this user group neither. I bought the product on march 26 and I already try to call you a few times and they put me on hold forever, so I have to hangup I'm calling from a very faraway place. You also tell the people to go to the WEB page and use Roxxane, but please, give a break, Roxxane probably is usefull for the very, very easy things to handle, but that it's not the kind of relation a customer is looking for. And there is the Chat-Live, every time that try to use it, guess what, it is not available. I also send a message to administrator of this usergroup, I'm still waitting.


I want to be honest, EMC8 has a lot of good things, it looks like a good product, I'm happy when the products works and I'm probably a masoquist, but I like the product. I would really like to see it working. I have seen other roducts and there are a couple of things that could be easier to do with this product, but you cannot get all you want in just one box. But remember there is always room for enhancement.


But you should listen to your costumers, you exist as a company because of us, remember that. One thing that people always look is Quality and Support. The best publicity that you can get is from your customers and rigth now I think you are not on top of the list for many people.


You should get into this usergroup and read and listen to people, the product has some problems, specially with the one related to reboot after adding the third video. You posted a message with instructions to handle this problem, but it's not working for everybody, ask your self why? Don't blame other company's.


Exactly what people (your customers) have to do if your fix procedure doesn't work for this problem. Hey they (us) already install the latest video card driver, and even re-install the DirectX, and it's not working.


If you say that the problem is fixed with your procedure I would like to know the configuration of your testing machines. Would you be so kind and give that information to everybody.



For the users of this usergroup, sorry for taking this place to write this down, but this is the only place that I can post something. Now I feel better.


If anybody know how to cantact Roxio, please let me know and I will send a copy of this.







PS. Thanks to all the people in this group who care for each other.


Disrfuten de la vida. :)

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Hector, this is not a Roxio support site but a user to user forum. We simply try to help each other.

It seems like you already know this but it's also likely that this won't be seen by the people that make the difference.

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Amen brother, the program has potential but needs some tweaking. The funny thing is all Roxio has to do is say you know what we realize theres an issue and were working on it, and I'm sure it would put a lot of customers at ease, for now anyway. One of my concerns is, I read other customers talking about changing fats partitions, editing registries, howling at a blue moon. I dont know about you, but I didnt buy the program and expect to have to learn to be a programer. I do know some things but its getting out of control.

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