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Burning 'convert'ed Disc





I am a newbie to T9T.


I dragged some iTunes MP3 trks to "Convert" which ultimately created a desktop folder I entitled Opera which seems to contain all the trks AND has a .disc extension. I have tried to diligently search the undernourished and somewhat curious Help etc. and can find nothing.


1) How do I confirm trks are converted?

2) How do I move them to iTunes library or Playlist? Selecting ALL and Dragging does not work.

3) How do I burn a disk of these converted trks?


Thanks for your assistance.



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I'm more than a little confused. You started with some mp3 tracks in iTunes and added them to the Toast Convert window. You then clicked the red button and chose a format for conversion. What format did you choose? In the window that appears when you click the red button there is the Finder-like box where you select your save location. Clicking "Choose" starts the conversion and writing to the location shown.


The extension on the track names in the Finder depends on the kind of file Toast created. An AAC file will be .m4a. An AIFF file will be .aiff, for example. To add them to iTunes simply drag them to the iTunes window. iTunes will write another copy of the audio track when it adds it to the iTunes Library.


A .disc file is what's created when you choose Save with Toast. It only consists of the names of files you've added to the Toast window and pointers to where the source files were located at the time you click Save. In other words, it consists only of aliases and not any actual files.


To burn audio files to an audio CD add them to the Toast Audio window instead of the Convert window and click the Red button.


By the way, a helpful tip is to use the Toast Media Browser to locate tracks in your iTunes library and playlists for adding to the main Toast window. Click Audio with the top button of the Media Browser to see your iTunes Library.


Since these files started in the iTunes Library and you want them back there in a different format, maybe you should just do it all in iTunes. In iTunes preferences choose Advanced and then Importing. There click the button next to Import Using and choose the kind of file you want your mp3s to become. Now close preferences and select to highlight your desired audio files (it's easiest if you put them in a Playlist) and choose "Convert selection to (your chosen format)" in the Advanced menu. The converted files will show up adjacent to the source files in the iTunes Library.

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