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Export To Video Wmv Or Avi



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Okay, I still get the error, Video Export Failed. :glare: If I export my PhotoShow to a video, WMV or AVI, will I be able to burn it to a DVD to be seen via a DVD player/big screen TV?

Thanks. I really need to get this show on a DVD.



Are you referring to downloading your completed photoshow on line from Roxio (MP4 file)? If so, and you used the link from the email, try copying and pasting the URL at the bottom of the email under the heading "having trouble" into your browser address bar, and downloading that way. I got an error several times while downloading a show from the link, and used the address instead, and that worked. The file is an MPEG4, and you can file it on the hard drive and burn to a disc. I archived all of my posted shows (I have 28 currently) in this way, and intend to burn all to a dvd, that I hope will play on my dvd player.

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