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Dvdit Pro Hd Only Outputs Dual Layer



I have been working on a project for some time which has been output in many ways. At first it was just a 90 movie on a single layer disk, which worked fine. Since then I added lots of extras and menus and output to dual layer DVD which has also worked okay. Now I try to go back and burn the movie alone with one menu and one 90 minute video onto a single layer DVD and it will only output to dual layer. This is the same file that originally burned to single layer successfully. I reset the settings to single layer at the bottom of the screen and on the output menu set it to burn a single layer. First I set it to burn a single layer image file and it burned a dual. After three times doing that I set it to burn straight to disk and got an error message about insufficient space on disk. I checked and rechecked all settings and everything is set to single layer that I can see wth 400mb free space left over. Am I missing something?

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