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Audio Sync Problems And Macosx Error -50



Hello. I am experiencing frustrating difficulties while attempting to burn a HD-DVD on DVD. Hope somebody can help.


I have a H264 video file perfectly compliant with the HD-DVD spec, and a corresponding AC3 audio file. Then:


- If I feed Toast9 with the H264, it correctly finds the AC3, muxes them (and correctly does NOT re-encode), but the result is a movie with a badly out-of-sync audio track. (In my experience, this typically works well with MPEG2 and AC3 to create DVD contents.)


- If I mux the file myself in a MPG file then Toast9 hangs while trying to open it.


- If I mux the file myself in a MP4 file, then Toast9 will re-encode the video (which is something I really want to avoid)


- If I mux the file myself in a TS file (eg with tsMuxeR or tsRemux), then while writing the DVD image Toast stops gracefully with a "Couldn't complete last command because of a MacOSX error: Result Code = - 50".


I am running out of ideas: has anybody run across error -50 ? What is it? Does anybody know how to mux a h264 and a ac3 stream so as to satisfy Toast9 and get it to create a disc image?




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