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Export/import Formats And Settings





I am a novice trying to author a DVD using DVDit Pro 6.


I have edited my video using Adobe Premier Pro 2 but I would like to author my final video in DVDit Pro - what format and settings should I use to export from PP in order to get the best result in DVDit Pro?


I have tried exporting to an MPEG-II file from Premier Pro, adding the Movie to DVDit Pro and then burning the final DVD - but the picture quality is rubbish - it is jittery when there is a lot of movement in the image. However, if I burn the DVD direct from Premier Pro it plays fine.


So I'm guessing it must be something to do with my export from Premier Pro, Import to DVDitPro or Burning to DVD in DVDit Pro?


Can anyone give me an idea where to start?!










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