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8mm Film To Digital



I'm editing video that was transferred from 8mm film. The transfer copy looks good, but once I edit and make it a movie the video looks squiggly when there is any movement on the video.


I don't know if that makes sense, but I'm getting pretty frustrated with this whole program.


Any ideas?

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Are you talking about the preview? Viewing edited file on a monitor? Or viewing the final results on a TV?. Captured video is interlaced for viewing on TV sets. When viewing on a monitor which is progessive scan, the video may look squiggly or jagged in some places especially with fast motion. This will not be seen on a TV because they are interlaced just like the file.


If the final output will be viewed on a computer only, there is an option to de-interlace or create a progessive file. Creating a progessive output is not necessary for TVs because the DVD player will then have to interlace it for the TV (unless you have a newer TV that has progessive inputs).

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