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Label Creator: Showing Track Durations In Minutes





I just ripped Nero 7 out of my machine -- after a couple of painful months trying to get it to work properly and consistently -- and I've now "returned to the fold" with Roxio 8. So far, so good!


My question is with regard to Label Creator. Specifically, how can I configure Label Creator to show track durations in minutes:seconds format rather than just seconds? I've seen a few other postings in this forum that hover around this question as part of other questions, but no answers for how to configure this format.





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Mine shows minutes:seconds by default. If yours doesn't, don't know how to change it as a default, but you could of course edit it, e.g, instead of 255 you would type 4:15.



Hi Guys

Just checked a few of mine and some are in minutes:seconds and others are in seconds only maybe caused by how the info is put on the original disc!

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