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Clipart Extraction



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Thank you Karrie your advices were very useful.


I followed your step by step procedure and at first it didn't work but after a few attempts I discovered that after the step of clicking the solid-colored background and before clicking create cutout, I had to click on reverse selection to make it work.


May be I had to use the reverse selection because I am using the french version of EMC 10.


Nevertheless thank you again for you help it was really appreciated!


Now I can put a graduation cap (without it's bachground) on my dog's picture since he succeded it's obedience training lesson!



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High I have downloaded some cliparts on my machine. Now I want to extract a clipart from it's background and I wonder if it is possible with Photo suite?



If your clipart image has a solid background from which you want to extract it:


Open the image in PhotoSuite. Click on Tools > Mask Cutout by Color. Use the wand to click on the solid-colored background. Click Create Cutout. Choose the Cookie-Cut It Out option. Click OK. Press the Delete key on the keyboard to delete the now-cutout white background.


Save the image as a transparent png file: Click File > Save As and in the File of Type drop-down box choose png and click Options. In options, click the radio button for Transparency=Yes. Click OK.

Click Save.


If you background is not a solid color, you will need to use another of the selection tools and the instructions will be slightly different.

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Glad you got it working. Don't know if this applies to French version, but there are different ways to cut out in the American/English version. If you choose Cookie Cut It Out, it will cut out what you have selected and then you can delete it. If you choose Cut It Out, it will just delete whatever you have not selected ~ as you found you would have to invert the selection before cutting.


If you have Cookie Cut It Out in your version, you can try it. But your method is just as good :)

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