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Getting Started With Mydvd10



i upgraded to mydvd 10 a few mos ago and have yet to figure out what i'm doing. before i used easy dvd 6, which was simple by comparison. i may be just as simple(minded), that aside i need help getting started. the tasks i wish to accomplish should be easy...i think. i want to organize 30-40 home movie .mpg's into 6 diff movies, or choices from a main menu like on a store bought movie. i want to add music to some of the clips, as well as use my own .jpg as the main menu background. can someone HELP? please! i just can't stare at this screen any longer (it's been hours) trying to understand it on my own. would anyone consider talking me thru a few things by phone (i apologize if this is a sin to ask) but i am a quick learner. i would only ask for 15 minutes or so. if anyone is willing to help me i would give my contact info. thanks so much.


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Use Videowave and add all clips you want to be on movie one and name it "1" or something as imaginative as that, and so on for the 6 movies. They will end with a dmsm ext'n. Do this for all 6 movies. Open MYDVD when all 6 movies are ready. Bring in your six movies. In My DVD, right click on the menu you have chosen and select "Change Menu Background" to use your own jpeg as a background. You can change audio background menu music by right clicking as well. As for audio added to your movie clips prior to going to MyDVD, take a look here as a starting point.

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