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Emc9 No Prompt For Additional Disk When Spanning

Kausik Datta


Please help. I am using EMC9 (at least the 'about this software' says: Roxio Easy Media Creator Home, Version: 9.1.095, Build: 910B95U, SNV) that came with my Sony Vaio. I am trying to backup my data to DVDs, and chose a data DVD project. In the options, I enabled the option for spanning to multiple disk. When I load the data in the project window, it tells me that I would be 5 DVDs - which is fine. But after it writes the first one, there is no prompt for the next one, or even any indication as to how I should put in the next disk and continue the writing.


The help files and the online help are woefully inadequate. The automated support system told me to use Creator home, which does not seem to exist in EMC9. I could not find this use in this forum by searching.


I would be very obliged if someone could help.



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The Help Files are really quite good. Problem is usually when you a searching with the wrong word. Of course until you know what you are doing you won't know what the right word is!!!


You have a cut down OEM version but I suspect that it does work if you are using Creator Classic.


However, you are trying to use a feature that will probably cause you nothing but grief! What happens, far too often, is that one of the discs doesn't work later and the user ends up losing data…


It is more 'trouble' but if you set up folders and organize your data in them in nice 4gb chunks you can burn data discs that are 99.999% reliable forever.


It depends on how you rate "trouble"??? – time spent to set up a bulletproof backup or a dumb-simple spanned disc backup, that lost half my data…


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