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Dvd Burning Issues



With the slow burn time of my internal MacBook Pro DVD burner (and having it replaced once) I decided to purchase a Lacie 20X LIGHTSCRIBE DL d2 DVDRW FireWire that came with TOAST 8 Titanium. I've used earlier versions of Toast Titanium for CD's and love the program. I've also had good luck with LaCie. I have a constant need to burn back-up image files and DVD's are part of my workflow.


After setting up everything, checking on any LaCie firmware updates (didn't need any), downloading Toast updates (8.0.4), my MacBook Pro is already up to date and running OS X 10.5.4 (2.6 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo) and just had a Apple Store tune-up, I have attempted to burn numerous times using Maxell DVD-R 16x dvd's. I have burned at various speeds starting at "Best" , then at slower speeds. Always get some type of error. First:


Sense Key=Medium Error

Sense Code=o xoc

Write Error

(Buffer Under Run Error)


That is when I tried slower speeds. (But I shouldn't need to with the Firewire 400 connection)


Most recent attempt seemed to do fine until verification. Then verification failed and had this error message:


"Sector 0 is unreadable. Verification failed."


I did finally use these Maxell brand DVD's to burn a disc without problems using Toast 8 and the internal burner. It's just soooo slow.


I've read many posts here concerning similar issues with many variations.


I don't think it is the brand of DVD. Works fine in the MacBook Pro internal burner and my original burner that was replaced, was very picky as to brand.


Does anyone have any real idea what the problem is? Is it with the Lacie? Toast 8? Firewire 400 and Apple?






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Contact LaCie's support. It could be a defective drive.


The only other thing I can suggest is downloading the OS 10.5.4 combined system update and applying that on top of your existing 10.5.4. There sometimes are odd Firewire or USB issues that appear after doing an incremental system update. When these happen the fix is to apply the combo system updater.

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