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Tivo Transfer Doesn't Find Tivo



Tivo Series 2 (Pioneer DVD unit), Toast 9, MacBook Pro, OS 10.4.11, D-Link router, Linksys wireless USB in TiVo.

D-link properly recognizes both the TiVo & MacBook on the network DHCP list.


Instructions on where to get Media Access Key from TiVo PVR not work on Pioneer.


Got it from my TiVo account on web.

Typed it in to TiVo Transfer preferences. No TiVo appears.


Based on this:


I reboot the TiVo PVR & the D-link router.

Still no TiVo PVR appears in TiVo Transfer.

I try rebooting the Mac. No help.


I search for and find a Toast 9.0.2 update. DL. Install.

Now Toast can't find TiVo Transfer. I look in the Toast folder... it's right there.

Things are broken in Toast.


I am also troubled by this note:


which states: "Disable the TiVo Desktop sharing option and server under TiVo Desktop in System Preferences."

I have no Tivo Desktop in System Preferences. wtf


So I would appreciate a) a process that works...


B ) help documents that don't refer to MAC keys that aren't visible on my TiVo PVR,

Application updates that can't find their own pieces

And system resources that are where they are supposed to be so this can all work properly.


So how do I get my TiVo to show up and work properly in my TiVo Transfer app?

This was really the main reason I upgraded and it's not working at all. :angry2:



(I know there's another unanswered topic with the same name. I posted something different there (about trying to ask Roxio for help) and then wanted to add this as a _separate_ post but the BB software keeps adding it to the bottom of my first post there, which I do not want. The only way around that is to start a new topic. ... does nothing they have work right?)

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I was having a similar issue - but traced it to a flakey USB network adapter on my Tivo. Also, my Tivo has a static IP address, so that I don't have to worry about it changing. If you have a similar Tivo DVR and are using a USB network adapter, you might want to check that. I seems that once Roxio recognizes the DVR under Tivo units in Tivo transfer, it keeps that in memory and doesn't check back to see if it's still there. So, you can lose your network connectivity - the Tivo transfer stays queued up, but shows waiting - because it can't connect.

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