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Mp3's Dont Play In Order



I just made a new project using jukebox disc and arranged all the songs (mp3s and WMA's) in the order i wanted them to play, with no folders, using the up and down arrow. When i burn the CD they appear, and playback, in numerical and alphabetical order on my car stereo and the computer. Why didn't it record in the order i selected?? Do i have to use a different method. Any help appreciated

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Because an mp3 disc is a data disc and that's how data discs are played.

When you create it the easiest thing to do is to number the tracks 001,002,etc.That way they will play in Alpha-Numeric order.

Another thing to try is using Music Disc Creator and in the Project settings make sure you have playlists checked and the box next to "Rename tracks to ensure playback order" is checked.

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