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Navigating In Menus For Bd Hd Issue?



I just noticed that if you let Toast handle the menu automatic and have more then 12 clips / items it naturally will

create a third menu, Trying to navigate is correct mostly, just not the arrow "back" to previous menu......very frustrating.


You can navigate forward and back, but you can´t acess before the first item in the menu..

So starting up in meni 1, cool, forward to manu 2, cool, forward to menu 3, cool, back to menu 2.......ooops!! can´t be done!


Since I have no control of the menus, have I missed something here???

I hope that I have misunderstand something basic here, otherwise it has to be Toast that need a oversight.....

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I have exactly the same issue. :(


The files from FCP converted in Toast 9.0.2 looks perfect but the menu just can't be played at the Sony BDP-BX1 player.

I only have 4 clips and the menu doesn't even work. I had to use the title search in order to play each clip...weird.


I hope this can be solved in the future updates.




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