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Pc Files Are Not Excluded From Cross-platform Discs, Just Made Invisible





I have just discovered that in Toast 9's "Data: Mac & PC" option, when you use the blue tickboxes to indicate that PC files should not appear on the Mac partition, Toast ignores this: it makes them invisible to Mac users instead. However, you can see that the files are there with Terminal or using a third-party utility (e.g. Danubio).


I produce software that is designed to be dragged from the CD or DVD onto Mac users' hard drives: MSI installers are provided for PC users, which I've been telling Toast not to put on the Mac partition. However, when the folders of files are drag-and-dropped, the invisible PC files - usually, in my case, at least 50Mb in size - are copied to the Mac hard drive. The result is the clogging of users' hard drives with PC files they can't see and which are utterly useless to them - something I was specifically trying to avoid. It would have been better just to show the PC files - at least Mac users would be able to see them and delete them manually!


Previous versions of Toast did not do this: I have older discs successfully mastered as cross-platform which don't exhibit this problem. I therefore submit that it's a bug.


Please, Roxio, can you fix this in the next update? It's rude!


Many thanks.

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Thanks - but that's no good for my purposes: you have to include shared files twice and can only burn a whole Mac partition. Some of my CD-ROMs are packed to the limit with resources, with only the Mac and PC applications which run them (say, 25Mb each) being platform-specific. There's no room on the disc to duplicate all 650MB (or whatever - sometimes up to 6GB (obviously that one would require a DVD-DL)) of resources.


Nice idea, but doesn't quite work in my case! :)

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Thanks - I had tried it before, several times, but not been able to get it to work. Your reply prompted me to have one last bash, and I finally figured it out. The Help file isn't very clear - item 6 says:


Drag and drop files and folders into the Files area.

The items you add here are only visible on Windows computers, unless

you have added items that are also included in the Macintosh portion

of the disc.


and item 2 says:


The items you add here will only be visible on a Macintosh

computer, unless they are also included in the ISO portion of the



So I'd been adding items first to the Mac partition, then adding them from the same source to the ISO one. What I should have been doing, of course, is dragging them from the new temporary Mac partition to the ISO - but the Help file doesn't actually say to do that. D'oh.


The resultant discs seem fine and don't have unwanted invisible files.


Anyway, many thanks for your help, and it's good to know there's a workaround. However, if the newish "Mac & PC" option is derived from "Custom Hybrid" it seems all the more obvious that it's a bug, I guess.


FWIW, I'm also confused by the text that appears in the "ISO 9660" window in "Custom Hybrid": "Drag files and folders into this area. Files you add here are shared automatically." Eh? That would defeat the whole purpose of concealing files from the "wrong" platform, surely?

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