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Why Cant I Burn A Playable Dvd?



Alright, so I have popcorn and I am trying to burn video_TS folders on to a DVD to play as a movie.

But instead of the end result being a playable DVD, I get a DVD with the Video_TS folders on it.


I saw another post with someone having the same problem. the suggestion to them was to make sure they were running 1.0.3.


I am running 1.0.3 and I am having the same problem.


What am I doing wrong??? I have used this program before and had no problems. What am I missing?


Please help me???

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A video DVD does have a VIDEO_TS folder. So I don't understand what is the problem. Are you saying that you burn the DVD with Popcorn and it doesn't play on a DVD player or on a Mac? Tell me more about what happens when you try to play the DVD.

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This is strange. With the DVD in your Mac, open DVD Player. Then go to DVD Player's File menu and choose Open... Now choose the VIDEO_TS folder to open. Does anything appear? If so you should be able to play the movie by clicking on the thumbnail image in the menu.


Also, go to System Preferences and click CDs & DVDs. Next to "When you insert a video DVD" it should read Open DVD Player. Is that the case?


Popcorn can't burn anything except a UDF formatted DVD. And a UDF formatted DVD with a VIDEO_TS folder should automatically start DVD player. That's why I'm puzzled that you are having this difficulty. One brand and type of media did you use? What happens when you put the disc in your standalone DVD player?

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