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Weird Dvd From Avi Playback Problem; Newbie Begs For Help!



Howdy y'all -


I'm brand new to burning dvds and clearly am doing something wrong. Any and all help would be vastly appreciated!


I'm on a G4 MDD mac running OS 10.4.2; for dvd burning I'm using Toast 9 or iDVD. There's a slew of .avi files downloaded to my drive that I've tried burning onto Taiyo Yuden -R dvds. The discs that I've burned play back perfectly on the mac. BUT....


When I put them into a standalone set-top dvd player, every disc plays back with weirdly zigzagging horizontal brightly colored lines dancing all over the bottom half of the picture. The top half of the screen looks just fine.


I thought that maybe it was a -R vs. +R disc issue, but the set-top dvd player's manual claims that it's capable of reading/playing both types of discs.


Every disc I've burned has played back on the set-top this way, regardless of the original .avi source file used or whether it's been burned in Toast or iDVD. I can't figure out why the heck they play fine on the computer. I *believe* I've been converting the .avi files to MPEG-2 correctly, but perhaps I'm making some boneheaded newbie mistake??


Please, somebody...slap me upside the head and tell me what I'm doing wrong....


Many thanks -



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