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Audio Sync

Thomas Jones


Hello All: I'm using Toast 9.0.2 to burn Blu-Ray disks. I am exporting out of FCP 6.0 as a "Best" quality H.264 file. The footage is from a Red One and was exported out of RedRushes as Apple Pro Res (HQ) at 1024 x 512. FPS is 23.97. I shot and edited three 4:00 minute short films sponsored by a corporate client. They were all separate sequences and projects in FCP until I received final approval from the ad agency and client. I then edited them into one 12:00 sequence. From that I exported the H.264 file mentioned above from the QuickTime encoder in FCP.

The audio settings were Linear PCM "Best rendering" and 48.0. My Toast settings were "custom" with the average bit rate set at 19.0 and the max set at 21.0. All of the other settings in Toast were the defaults other than the audio. I set PCM instead of Dolby. The "re-encode" setting was set to "automatic."


The disks burned fine. Some times there would be some sort of error but I managed to burn eight Blu-Ray disks to standard DVDs this Sunday with not too much trouble. Since I am using a Mac G5 Dual 2.0 system with a LG GBW-H2OL Blu-Ray burner, of course, I can not watch the DVDs on my system since Apple refuses to support Blu-Ray in any way even though all my clients want Blu-Ray disks now to play on their Play Station 3's. My system will not run the latest (expensive) version of Encore that many people in my position are using with some success.


Anyway, I took one of my disks to Circuit City to watch on a Blu-Ray player. They were kind enough to let me watch it but the sales guy let me watch only the first minute or so of the 12:00 disk. When I got to my clients office yesterday morning, the first short film was perfect: Everyone in the office was very excited and couldn't wait to show it to their corporate client later that afternoon. The disaster. When we got to the second film and the third film the audio was way off. I went back and checked everything. Even when I hit the edit button in Toast to the right of the thumbnail of my file, and then went to video and played it in the small viewer, the sync was perfect so it has to be a problem with the toast settings. But what puzzles me is that all three films were edited and exported with exactly the same settings. I even went and played the H.264 file in Quick time and it worked perfectly. So did the sequence in FCP.


So why would the first 4:00 of the disk play perfectly then go out of audio sync exactly at the start of the second film and continue out of sync until the end of the disk?


Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


I also did an experiment exporting the films as three separate encoded as uncompressed 10 bit files from FCP. Toast 9 bonked eventually but I was able to watch a couple of minutes of the incomplete disk and the resulting video was spectacular when played with a Sony Blu-Ray player onto a Bravia 50" HD TV.


Seems like Toast has great potential for Mac users if some of these issues can be solved.






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