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i want to get a sonic record now product now,which is easy to use and can copy cd,s and dvd,s.i just bought a new laptop,my last laptop had sonic record now on it my new one doesn,t,so which recording or copying product should i get.


You question is a little more detailed than asking what kind of Ford (Chevy, Chrystler) should I buy?


What are the specs on the laptop?


What do you really want to do with the product? Remember you cannot copy copyrighted material such as music you downloaded for on-line sites (you have to use their software) nor can you copy commercial DVDs even if you own them.


There is a new product announced today that no one has any information on. Take a look at the free trial download of EMC 9 in that forum. If you like it and it runs and it is not overkill, then you can try one of the EMC products 9 or 10. The new product does not have the EMC designation.

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