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It's Taking Forever To Download



So I purchased Creator 2009 online today (don't forget to look online for Roxio coupon codes) and I'm downloading it now. IT TAKES FOREVER! The Roxio download manager (which evidently is a requirement) starts out at 256k per second, but quickly works its way down to 8k.


I'd like to use the program, and not just watch it download... :(

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As has already been suggested---Have patience. I have a new computer running Vista, a fast processor, and most of all I have a "FIOS" (Fiber Optics) connection to my ISP. I was running at 645 K/s download speed for the actual download. (my maximum is nearly 20GB up and 5GB down when tested for internet speed on the internet).


And when you do get it completely downloaded, be patient again, as with my good installtion speed it took just a little over 20 minutes for me to finish the installation. There are times when you think it has stopped the installation, but then all of a sudden it will go fast again. Anyway, for those downloading and installing, just have that patience and you will be O.K.



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I'm on a cable modem (6000kbps). It starts out at 256k, then keeps decreasing.


I'll be patient. Hope it's worth the wait!

While millions are not downloading it (Sonic's total sales in last 12 months for all products being $132.88 Mil, a 10.6% decrease in sales growth, would indicate there is not the potential for millions of downloads) there are probably a large number downloading it which would cause the slowdown as others have indicated. A while back I bought a competitor's download for a new version the day it was released, I experienced the same thing, start at 300k + then decrease to 6-8k. I finally waited until after midnight to try again and was able to get a 250-300k download rate on a broadband connection. I no longer purchase downloads, instead purhcase boxed product.


I do not know how many download attempts you are allowed on this download, but you might give it a try later tonight when fewer people are awake.

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