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Audio Trouble In Final Dvd



I have a project that includes mutliple menus with multiple titles (movies and slideshow). I have everything linked correctly, and when I run the simulation, it all works dandy. I burn my DVD, and when I attempt to play it, the audio from the slideshow is played, over everything. I do not hear the audio from the movies, at all. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Any help?

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So I tried those suggestions. No luck.

I even did a complete system restore on my system, given that I had some different DVD authoring programs installed and thought that might screw up with something. No luck.

I even created a simple project with two videos. No luck.


From all of this, however, I did notice something. The audio that is playing, on any project I try to burn, is always the last title that I have in my project. Is there a setting I am missing that will reassign audio files to the video files?




If I can't get this to work, is there a possibility of receiving a refund? I need something that will work, and after spending $200 for the program, plus additional DVD +R's ($50), plus an external hard drive to hold all of the video files that I am working with to create a #$^@ DVD ($249), I should have taken that money and bought a stupid macintosh, because I know that it would have worked using only iMovie and iDVD.


Sorry for the vent. It is late and I'll try to not be as cranky tomorrow.

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Yea, I still haven't been able to get it working on the Vista machine. It's a thinker. I'm almost tempted to send my laptop to Roxio and have them see it for themselves. Then maybe they can fix it. =)


I have found that if I combine my movie files into one, then separte the chapters in DVDit, I can get it to work on the Vista. However, creating a movie file that is over 20 gigs is tedious. Good luck.

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there have been periodic reports of this issue but we have never been able to duplicate it. can you please describe to me in detail the project you have this problem with? what are the video assets (MPG, AVI?), what are the audio assets? what are you transcoding your audio to (PCM or AC3?). how many titles are in your project? what is set to first play in the project?

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I am using DVDit Pro 6.4 on a Windows Vista 32 bit operating system with 1 gig RAM and 2.2 gig processor.


The project is as follows:


Main Menu (First Play)

- Button 1: Step 1 (Link to Step 1 menu)

- Button 2: Step 2 (Link to Step 2 menu)

Step 1 Menu

- Button 1: Chapters (Link to Chapters Menu)

- Button 2: Bloopers (Link to Bloopers menu)

- Button 3: Deleted Scenes (Link to Deleted Scenes menu)

Chapters Menu

- Button 1: First Step 1 video (linked to first step 1 video)

- Button 2: Second Step 1 video (linked to second step 1 video)

- Button 3: Third Step 1 Video (Linked to third step 1 video)

Bloopers Menu

- Button 1: first blooper video (linked to first blooper video)

- etc.

Deleted Scenes Menu

- Button 1: first deleted scene video (linked to first deleted scenes video)

- etc.


Each of the videos was captured using the windows import function, and saved as .avi files. I used Windows Movie Maker to edit the files and create specific movies (i.e., First step 1 video, etc).


I have the project settings set as such:

Under the "SD Transcoding" button

- Encode is set to Superior Quality VBR (8000 kbps video; PCM audio)

- the box is checked that says "Convert all compliant video and audio files"


I have used DVD +R and DVD -R, and the result is the same. I set the burn speed to 4x, and set the dvd type to DVD-5 (4.7 GB). I noticed that on the finished DVD, it only contains the "Video" file folder, and no "Audio" file folder. Not sure if that makes a difference. I think that is all.

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I am having the exact same problem - whatever the format, the audio of the last video title is always played over everything. Did you ever solve this?? Again, it makes the program useless and therefore under british law you are entitled to a full refund as it is unsuitable for purpose, if the problem can not be fixed.


Any idea how to solve it??

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