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Sonic Digital Media Plus V7 No Longer Burns



When I purchased my Media Center pc, a lil over a year ago everything worked fine. I recently got married and began making copies of the picture slide show as well as the dvd to send to family back east. It was easy, fast and fun.


Then I got busy and let 3 months go by, now what worked so well before doesnt work anymore and I cant figure out why. It reads the DVD perfectly, then opens the drive and ask for a rewrittable disk, I comply and within 10 seconds it reopens and kicks it out, asking again for a rewrittable drive as if I never put in a blank disk.


I followed all the suggestions listed on the main support page, I even went as far as uninstalling the software then using my Application recovery to re-install the software, still not working same old problem.


Can anyone offer any suggestions? :unsure:

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First, if you got it with the computer, that is an OEM [Original Equipment Mfgr] Version. Support would come from the OEM supplir.


Second, DVD media can go bad just sitting on a shelf, so you might try getting some new discs and trying them.


Third, you say "rewrittable disk" - RW media doesn't last as well as R media. It is fine for testing things, since it can be erased and re-used, but if you want to KEEP something, use R media.



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